I know some of you are still wondering where the hell have I been. Well, I’ve been here and there running up and down like a headless chicken trying to sort my life like beans. Just like everyone else, I don’t want to be left behind, I don’t want to chew stones. I have purposed to make frequent visits to my kitchen so that that my beans do not burn. So that when it is finally served and ready to be eaten, I can sit back and watch the destruction it does to people’s taste buds.

That said, I just wanted to inform you all that after fighting my intestines, I finally broke up with him. will no longer be the Jay Z to my Beyonce. He will no longer calm me during the long tedious days nor will he crack my ribs during the trips down memory lane along his labyrinth of chambers and corridors.

I won’t lie, break up after two solid years in a perfect relationship is NOT easy. Even after moving all the articles to my new home, I still haven’t gotten the bug to do away with him. And am not sure if I ever will. I’ve been stalking him every once in a while reminiscing our good old times and I don’t think I have enough mental energy to let him go, at least not now. You didn’t even care to tell me withdrawal symptoms are this bad! Sawa tu!

Just like a bitter ex, he’s finding it very difficult to move on and sometimes I think he is the reason why me and my new man have been unable to settle down completely.

And so because I don’t have enough tissues and am not as good as Sam Smith at goodbyes, I just came to let you know that I am currently engaged to I still haven’t gathered enough words to make a speech out of him so kindly just follow him and subscribe via your mails so as to get engagement, weddings, babies etcetera updates.

For my WordPress fans, am still working on getting the follow, edit and comment icons. But at the moment kindly just type on the WordPress search engine and follow from there. You all have been nice, and kind, and loving and all sorts of good to me and I really can’t appreciate you enough. Show my man some love and see you on the other end.

Light, love and kisses is all I got



11 thoughts on “Moving Out

  1. The thing that lies on the horizon is don’t give in to that it’s a lonely world-there are better things to do other than think of the null that has passed
    Even though the stuff am bluntly sorry for the break up-

  2. When someone knows your ex, he will always lead them to your new man, unless the move was not done in the right way.

    These two are not rivals like me and him (real man) may be; they are related.

    Happy publishing!

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