I can’t believe am doing this but who doesn’t love challenges? I’ve done food challenge, selfie challenge, black and white challenge, workout challenge… But blog challenge? This is new. Don’t start throwing tantrums at the newbie coz that’s all she is…new!

Weird according to my A to Z dictionary, (you bet there’s no way am going to embarrass myself before my readers even if they’re only hundreds) is that which pertains to witchcraft, magical influence, supernatural, unearthly or wild in terms of looks or sound.

But wait, what’s weird to me maybe your normal routine. Hang in there, let’s not forget whose world we’re in.

Mute TV

Ahem. I’m not that neighbour who’d be bursting your ears at 6am with some boring music you can’t even figure what genre it is. Well, sometimes I am. Usually though, I’d rather mute and perch myself in front of the screen then read the speakers lips and try to formulate their speech. I do fail, most of the times actually. Si you know how fast these wazungus are… But the few times I to get lucky I pat myself softly on the shoulder and say ‘MAMA I MADE IT!’


Just because we all do it doesn’t make it less weird. You come up with a script, actors, camera guys, a setting and even give yourself parts and direct as you play along. Are you getting the picture? Yaani it gets personal mpaka sometimes I have to go to my closet for attire change! Ama when I get to the singing part where am the lead singer (back up for who?) the way you hold the mic (roller pin, remote, perfume, toothbrush) and singing your lungs out making sure your audience feels your stage presence…wee! Ariana Grande atajua hajui.

Walk Naked

Ouch! Did I embarrass you? I’m not sorry. I mean, am alone…like A_L_O_N_E don’t you get it? Forget Eric Omondi… Normally, I ‘forget’ my towel so I to bounce/catwalk (depending on my mood) to and from the room. It only happens during shower time, so don’t go bad mouthing me eti Mimi ni mchawi sijui nini nini… NITAKUKALONZO!

Pheeeeew! Day one done.

Let me know how you rate my challenge down in the comment section.


Sharoe xoxo

26 thoughts on “Day 1: Weird Things I Do When I Am Alone

  1. Sometimes am made to believe that aliens do exist. Writing, zero rehearsal, acting and producing a movie on the same day and listening to the same production to turned off speakers is just crazy…

  2. How in the world did you forget to tell your readers how sometimes when alone you’d laugh really loud for no apparent reason. That’s the ‘weirdest’ thing you do.

  3. Mmmh walking naked is the best for me too, you are alone, carry your legs up just feel the warm Air penetrating through..

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