Some say I looked better then, some prefer now…honestly. I just don’t care!


Back in the day as my friends were waking up to hustling jobs, computer package classes, foreign languages, driving schools yada yada, I woke up to such notes on the kitchen counter pinned with a salt shaker and a few shillings. You can roll your eyes all you want but ‘needing a break’ was my old man’s idea. Which by the way i have come to appreciate since I learnt how different all our timelines are. For instance, at just about the same age, some of my friends are working, earning, done schooling, have started their own families, live in their own homes (PS not rental) and then there’s me, jobless and all. Concurrently, there are people I know way older than me and still in their parents homes.

Moral: Don’t use someone else’s ruler to measure your success.

Anyway, my life was one small circle of eat sleep watch repeat. Of course there were other haps like swimming, but those were just a now and then sashays. And my sister knew better than to wake me up. She didn’t see the need to or probably understood how much the sleep ins meant to me especially after a night of heavy watching. And by heavy, I mean up to 4 or 5 in the morning. That’s how acquainted to Game of Thrones some of us were before it hit a rating of nine. It’s not a brag, can’t I also have an accomplishment to call my own?

Typically, I’d wake up, take breakfast, handle a few chores here and there then watch myself through to supper. Which I prepared really fast then bounced back to my screen. Lunch was a luxury I couldn’t afford. Pausing an interesting episode to go through the tiring flight of stairs and get burnt in the hot parching Mombasa sun in the name of buying lunch/luncheon/tiffin/dejeuner whatever you call it, was unimaginable. Plus, on the upside it meant no more chores and I got to save and bought myself a new pair of shoes, a win still! Such joys can only be fathomed by the female progeny. The likes of kina nani who forgo meals in the name of a new dress, a pair of earrings, handbags and so forth. Men hear me when I say sometimes, SOMETIMES, these things beat food in the hierarchy of needs!

So basically, that became the Genesis of my journey to losing weight. Fasten your belt for the next statement is about to be grumpy. From 80kgs to 50 something k-gs in just five months! No pain, no workouts, no pressure…just no lunch. And my parents were so pissed at Fay they thought she had something to do with it. If not, she could do something to stop my derangement. Practically they’re still mad at her. Sorry sis. To everyone who’s been tailing my ass (literally) asking me what I ate, drunk, where I went or didn’t go, people I saw or stopped seeing to get where I am, Jeez! Grab a seat because evidently, you don’t know shit about me. For starters am an emotional eater. If you see me adding weight unceremoniously, it’s a catastrophe-call a doctor. But if it’s the other way round, you better start asking sister google and brother YouTube what my secret is!

What if i told you there was a way to get that slimmer, toner, fitter body you’ve been fantasizing about. A way that doesn’t include starving yourself. A healthy way? A holy way, perhaps? How many times have we wished we had someone’s body, hair, nose, legs and so on? I honestly can’t count. Been there, done that. Not proud of it! And tell you what? stalking them, talking about them and judging them doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. All it does is lead you into the trap of self depreciating. Are these not sins Biblically renounced? So yeah, I just proved it’s sanctity!

The way

Uuurrm…it comprises only four things. Healthy eating, working out, sleeping well, drinking water (i kind of like how they come in pairs, stupid? Then why did you go back to ascertain! Or did I just make you) and voilà (which by the way is pronounced as vwala not your mother-tongue V-O-I-L-A!)… You are your own body goals! Am not a dietician or a trainer of any sorts, so lemme not pretend I know all about healthy living by giving exacts. I don’t know drink 10 litres of water per day or do 100 squats or stop taking animal protein, no! How about you do it your way I do it mine then we meet somewhere in the middle and share experiences? Because honestly am just getting started myself. And while at it try following an expert(s) guidelines (my number one ref) for example or any other you’ll find salutary.

Living in a society that is knob stuck-up in social media, we’re blinded to believe that health equates six pack, flat belly, slim body etc. Which is not always the case but for those who work for it yes. You can be slender but very unhealthy. Or thick (as people call it nowadays) and salubrious. Weight and size have very little to do with health. But if you’re obese or underweight you seriously need to reassess your priorities. In my defense, am not about losing weight right now. At the moment I just want to focus on being healthier, more flexible (I’ll need it in case dinosaurs come back) and happier.

One thing I can tell you for sure since I began this journey late last year is; my hormones haven’t been out of whack, I don’t experience bloated tummy or uncomfortable ramblings. I’m not moody or depressed. I’m not constantly fatigued and I don’t feel weak. Do it for your health. Not that you won’t enjoy the beauty benefits; there’s beauty in strength. And for me to be healthy is beautiful.

You won’t regret stumbling upon this!


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