One clap, two clap, three clap, fifty? Today after a long day of getting lost in excitement we conclude this amazing journey. Somebody please play me Azonto I want to have a serious dance.

Seriously though, am dazed and overwhelmed with mixed emotions and i know you’re probably thinking am a sucker for over saying it. Thanks for the millionth time for reading my insensible, obnoxious, unfeigned, bitter, not so funny and uncomfortable ramblings for 31 days consistently.

March was so much fun. The most exciting part is not even the writing itself but writing despite the challenges. It’s one month I’ve travelled the most (been to about 10counties), the many instances of bad weather, not being able to follow my routines like working out or eating healthy etc…it’s been tough but God has been faithful because it wasn’t the worst situations I’ve faced.

I have changed. My mind has developed. I realized that I can do anything with the right attitude. I also realized people can support us more than we anticipate, we are the ones who limit them. There are people who have read my posts daily and we’re not close as such and some closest to you are not 100% loyal.

Come April I won’t be a daily poster. But persistence will be key. It’s my favorite month and lots of chicken must die so you’ll have to take me slowly. Am not usually this cut-up (and what if I am?) but for those who love serious stuff it’s coming…don’t chuck up the sponge just yet, I’ll be serving something that floats your boat as well.

May this month and those to come be fulfilled with your heart desires.

Bless you!


10 thoughts on “Day 30. What changed this month and what I hope will happen next month

  1. Congratulations! It’s been a month of learning from you, and you know, I always anticipated to read and learn every’ve been persistent and that’s a spirit hard to find today in a world full of so much to do, now cheers,,to the hard work and the loyalty. Keep the fire burning. Blessings galore.

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