Frankly I don’t know what they were anticipating. A picture I love? My fave pic perhaps? Well, It doesn’t matter because am doing it my way.

So, this post is actually more of the dress than the poses or even how I look. When I was young, I had clothes that when I wore it either poured, I met a particular someone or something bad befell me, always. Probably it was pure concurrence or superstitions really are a thing.

Old dogs seldom learn new tricks. As big as I am I still believe in some of those stuff. This particular dress is my good luck charm or should say fortune dress! Every time in it is always a good time.

I’ve won it like five or so times and it has never discomfited me. Am still planning to do so and in case we bump into each other don’t start badmouthing me. A girl just wants to be happy.

I wish you all rosy April!


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