A friend of mine and I recently had a discrepancy. Actually, that’s what we have most of the times, discrepancies! We love different genres of music , movies and books, we attend different schools and do different courses, i hate what he loves and he loves what i hate and our upbringing is also different. Practically, we’re two distinct worlds. How are we friends again? I don’t know!

So this acquaintance of mine had been telling me how he hasn’t been to church for almost two years and counting. Am curious. People actually stop going to church for some understandable reasons. The most common one being losing hope in the church due to all the sagas that are nowadays associated with it. His is quite separate. He says he doesn’t want to meet people who hide in Christianity but outside they do sinful acts.

“Urrm… You mean we should carry our sinful acts to church?”

“Not really. I just think people should stop pretending.”

“But why are you making it so much about other people and not yourself?”

“Because they’re part of the church. And on my part, I don’t think am worthy to appear before the presence of God because am sinning. I’ll go today and the next I’d be drowning in sin. I’m sure that’s uncalled for of His followers.”

“That’s the point; it’s for sinners not saints. No one is free of sin (Rom 3:23) and that’s what why it’s important to go. The house of God is a sacred place. What you wear to other events is not necessarily what you should wear to church. So in some instances I wouldn’t called it pretence but respect.”

See these kinds of conversations? I don’t fancy them. I hate how they go in circles and we always end up saying; you know what? Believe what you believe I believe what I believe and hopefully someday we’ll meet in heaven. “Or hell.” He doesn’t mean that, he just wants us to have another round of disagreement. Am not ready!

Am no theologist or reverent or some Bible interpretation expert. I wish i understood it enough to convince him despite everything the church is still a solace ground. That if we trust Him enough to ask, we shall receive (Mark 11:24). That even though some people misappropriate funds, he should still pay offering and tithe (1Tim 6:10). That God loves when we come together to pray and worship Him. Because no matter how much prepared or unprepared we are, He will come again (Luke 12:40).

I was born and raised in a christian family. I was baptised and received confirmation in the Anglican church. Am a believer. I believe in miracles, I believe in good deeds and I also believe God answers prayers. I believe there are people who don’t go to church and do good than those who do. That there are those who don’t pray but still receive blessings and are shown mercy. Our God’s work is quite hard to fathom and this girl still has faith in lots of things!

I really do not know so much about other denominations but I’ve attended SDA services quite often in the past and I went to a Catholic high school. So I know a little something about order of mass. I have learnt that we may worship in different ways or days but if it’s the same God it doesn’t really matter. That’s why it sucks when people fight to prove how best their denomination is to others.

I don’t want to go to hell. But if I die now, be damn sure that’s where am headed. Sad! It’s actually so disturbing I must have shed a tear or two as I thought about it. My most compelling verse is James 2:10 which talks about all sins being equal. There’s no day that I don’t think about it! Everyday I imagine me and a bomber who has killed hundreds, a corrupt leader who squanders money at the expense of his people, a witch who bewitches people for no apparent reason or any other sin you think is greater we’ll all end up in the same place. Because to the best of my knowledge they’re no big or small sins…you’re either all in or all out.

Anyway enough preaching, i hope we’ll all realize the importance of righteous living and make it to heaven. Eternal condemnation is scary!

PS. These are purely my own interpretations and I stand to be corrected.


3 thoughts on “Day 26. My Religious Beliefs

  1. Church is home for all. The righteous and unrighteous alike. Basically, it acts as a catalyst towards one’s salvation. It is here, where one get to hear inspirational testimonies of how one mysteriously get converted from a Saul to a Paul(for those who are ready though). What is famously known as Damascus salvation. Though it doesn’t happen in all cases, but it happens.

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