Disclaimer. Dear good people this post like the other 24 is just a challenge. Please do not clog my inbox. Spare me the Q’s.

10. Have a good hygiene

This list isn’t in any orderly course; but tell you what, this is one of my superlative turn on! The contrary is a deal breaker even for just friendship.

An all round good (not even perfect, just good) hygiene is a must have…no debates.

9. Make me laugh

I honestly cannot recall days that have passed without me laughing. Am a laughter freak. Even when am experiencing bad days, I usually think of something funny that occurred ages ago then laugh it off. That’s how much I love being happy.

8. Have interest in me

I once ran in to a friend and after greetings the first thing he asked is why I gave up on poetry. He remembered! I didn’t have a good answer but it was a good question. One that clearly showed the degree of interest he had in my life.

There are also some things you can do to show interest in me but if I let the cat out, am afraid you won’t try harder.

7. Be creative

Listen. Think outside the box. This actually excites me coz it has no limits. Creativity has no end and should meliorate as you continue to connect. If you know me well you surely can be creative with anything.

PS. This doesn’t mean you blow your bank account.

6. Be a good listener

I said it once and I’ll say it again. Men, you cannot double task, never. It’s not your fault and am not blaming you. But if you can’t leave everything to listen to me, what’s the point?

5. Be a natural

A.K.A be yourself. Creating another persona to hide in doesn’t result in longetivity. Just be you and do you…it’s easier to fall for that person.

4. Know how to cook

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I guess that traffic runs both ways. You don’t have to know how to prepare a four course meal…small treats count. Plus, I could use breakfast in bed sometime.

3. Surprise me

A little mystery goes a long way. The best part about surprises is that they’re never expected. So be it small or big, it’s really going to make an impact.

N/B. They not only come in form of gifts.

2. What’s your relationship with God?

I hope He’s not just on your status, profile and social cites but also in your life. I know this is not a serious post but what can I say? God is omnipresent. So yeah, this is very important.

1. Good body

If gym’s had a no idlers notice. I wouldn’t mind taking sometime off to go sit and watch men with good bodies walk in and out. Or where else are they found?

0. Score at least 8/10

No one’s perfect, so here goes the loop. They’re not so hard, are they?


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