Well, this is that day that I bend the rule. So to;

5. That person

4. who has been

3. reading my posts

2. from time to time and

1. is invaluable for your feedback…

You are the bomb. You’re what makes my boat float. You’re the reason I wake up every morning knowing I have a purpose to fulfill. I didn’t want to be coloured by giving names because am infallible some of you do more and am not even cognizant. I owe everything to you for your continual patronage.

These are those times my phone has been hanging because am talking to so many of you at the same time and guess what, am not even pissed an ounce. I just lay it on the table and tell it to call me when it unhangs (that is not English, but I hope my point is home) itself coz I can’t afford to be peevish. I mean this is good, right?

There’s no medal or trophy or nothing at the end of the challenge but am certain if i get there, which is almost, I shall have won. And I’ll be taking myself out sometime or did you want to take honour?

Anyway, we both know this can’t be any longer but am looking forward to more love and better relationship because it doesn’t end with the challenge. Am just getting started!

Phew! Now I know why it was always difficult to write a thank you note.


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