What if I was born male?

Let’s just say this picture has nothing to do with the story 🤗

By that I do not mean to draw a beard on, to seize or suffer from gender dysphoria. I just think some folks have an upper hand when it comes to some life opportunities and those subtle advantages only come along if one is born with male appendages.

I love being a woman. I love smiling, talking to and playing around with peoples kids in parks and other public places because am positive no one would think of me as a freak or a kidnapper. But being a woman is a prison in some ways. I wish I only needed five minutes to get ready to go somewhere with or without prior cognition. You see, men can roll out of bed, sniff a shirt throw it on and then leave whilst combing their hair using their hands. If a woman did that…I don’t know, or is it just me?

Another burgeoning issue has to do with exercising. Men can eat junk and drink beer but still maintain a six pack whether their gym attendance is steady or not. Am not jealous, mad or anything. Am just trying to say if I tried that I’d have more staggered results than Arsenal.

If I were a boy, I would walk around in pretty much anything. Bathroom sandals, weird sweats, funny face, dirty clothes and no one would even notice. It’s a free world, I can do that. But the badmouthing is no match for my male counterpart. If I was ever pissed or something, I would’ve been told to walk it off and not cry because it makes me look weak. I would have been expected to excel in challenging subjects such as science because men are cut out for such. And it would be okay for me to be demanding and at the same time be honored because I carry on the family’s name.

I don’t necessarily want to be a man. Keep your trans thoughts to yourself. I would just like to do more, experience the freedom from female conventions and respect that men have just by virtue of being male.

Women face societal oppression, misrepresentation and so many other things that’s why we have these foundations and movements like Inua Dada. I don’t think it’s fair to fight for basic dignity and respect. I also don’t think anyone should be given special treatment because of their gender at the expense of others. I just wish we were all free. Sometimes I see the hurdles men are saddled with and am glad am not facing them, but then, they still have it better. End of story.


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