In as much I’d like to take credit, the words in bold are not mine. I just copy pasted what my friends thought and made grammatical and punctuational corrections. I was finding it difficult to come up with a list of what people don’t expect from me. So I decided to ask around and am proud to proclaim that it proved fruitful.

I don’t know why men we’re finding it difficult but ladies did me proud. Anyway thanks for the feedbacks, they made my work a lot easier and more fun. And just so you know, this ain’t laziness.

1. To be judgemental coz you’ve never judged me no matter what decisions I made in life… You still supported me anyway so I don’t expect you to do the opposite to some one else.

The best way not to judge someone is by asking yourself if you want to be judged. I don’t. That’s how it is Pumpkin.

2. Listen to local music especially luo songs

😂😂😂 This is downright hilarious! And the way some Ohangla enter?

3. Get lost chatting on messenger or taking too long on Facebook

Facebook entreats me every time I log in to install messenger, I don’t like it and I don’t know why. And am not a Facebook junkie, maybe twitter 🙂🙂

4. Date a short man

Currently am not 🤗

5. Stoop too low to impress someone

I think I’ve made such a mistake in the past. Not happening again any time soon.

6. Be soft spoken or do my things in a soft manner

Am I that rough?

7. Pass a book street without checking the novel on display

Girl, you know me too well!

8. Have wigs or funny weaves

Haha. I’ve actually had them in the past and they we’re nothing close to funny. In case of anything, I’d like to keep it that way 😊

9. Stop writing

Not in this life


Maybe I need more challenges to keep me on toes. But I’ll try!

Appear like you’re writing out of bitterness, I regard you as writer who can go beyond emotions and write an objective piece

Noted ☺

Change from writing human interest stories, I love it that way and to be sincere that is what keeps me in your articles

I hear you!

Don’t change your style of writing, let it be like that. That is you and that is what has kept your tears glued to your work

Trying to figure out the last sentence

10. Shave locks😜

You never know, am an explorer. I never say never…just in case. I hope not anytime soon though!

11. Bleach

Uh huh, no bloody way.

12. Husband snatching

😂😂😂 Ouch! My stomach hurts. Jesus, why is it so hard to come up with an explanation!

13. Stealing


14. Quarrelling with people

I prefer the term ‘arguing.’ I usually try as much as possible not to but sometimes they’re necessary evil.

15. Snubbing people

Hmm…sometimes I put my earphones on and listen to nothing

16. To confront your leaders in public no matter how much you disagree with them,it will expose you

Catch me dead. Leader or not, i hate negative publicity.

17. 😁😁😁… just one… I don’t expect you to deal with sponsor shit.. 😂
The rest am ready for

😂😂😂😂😂 what exactly are you ready for?

18. I don’t expect you to say something behind my back I would really wish you told me, then for us to be in an argument for a long time that will make me feel bad

Honey, good surprises can only be planned behind people’s backs😁 but for the argument part I feel bad as well.

For you to take our friendship for granted coz I have a big problem when it comes to friendship I just fear losing friends it puts me down in a way that scares me.

That makes two of us!

Forget me LOL! 😂 generally I just don’t expect you to not remember that we are best friends even if at times it has its downs. I just don’t expect you to dump me like that.

Did you just say dump? 😂😂😂

19. Take any kind of liquor

Hopefully not.

20. Arguing about the word of God


22. Be mean


23. Boring food

Enhe? And how you we’re licking that sufuria the last time I cooked for you!

24. I expect anything

Whoa whoa whoa! This is super shivery!

25. Stop working out

Sometimes it gets tiresome. But bailing is not an option


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