I’m always sober when doing my posts but this time I must admit I’m drunk. Not in love. Definitely not in alcohol but in fury. This woman is scorned and the chains on her hell snapped. Run.

Mohammed Shahid Butt (may his soul RIP) must be turning in his grave when he sees what is left of his once upon a time East Africa’s finest bus company. Rumour has it that the company is splitting where his son Haroun Butt, the man now in charge of MC is set to take half of the company with his step mum and the widow of the slain founder Regine Butt taking the other half. These wrangles have since seen the company’s effectiveness and efficiency depreciating as time goes by and imma start with personal experiences coz how else will you know this story is legit.

The first time I ever bordered modern coast was in 2015. I don’t normally fancy back seats but having been away from school for over two weeks I didn’t have the luxury to decide where to sit. The first turn off was the fact that they don’t pick passengers along the way. Like seriously, it can’t stand in a big town like Awendo to pick passengers with tickets and it’s during the day! What are you scared of, ama ni kujiona KQ! Anyway, as a Sony Sugar resident you either go to Rongo or Migori or anywhere that looks like their booking office. I chose Migori because am a first timer and also because I like to get the whole story just in case. See how that came in handy?

There was nothing unusual until it got dark. Cold started crippling in and I realise my window doesn’t shut completely. I call the conductor to help and with a bad attitude he tells me that’s how it is and walks away almost immediately. In case you aren’t paying attention lemme just spell it out for you. This guy does not even pretend to try fixing so I know it got broken recently or maybe lie he wasn’t aware as he looks for another solution. Looks like am the what, 47th passenger perhaps to complain and nobody has given a hoot about it. If you know me well you understand how complicated my relationship with cold is. So i take some clothes from my bag and try to fill up to prevent any future complications.

As if that wasn’t traumatic enough my chair refuses to adjust! Don’t forget this bus is travelling from Migori to Mombasa and am sitting on seat number 30 something. I don’t bother calling the conductor coz he’s already proven unreliable. Am devastated but keep telling myself it’s my unlucky day so I persevere and when I alight my head cannot turn sideways!

Sometime later circumstances force me to border MC. This time to Kisumu city! With the bad history we have am 50-50 what to expect but I console myself it’s a different bus, a different driver, a different route what could possibly go wrong? Shock on me! This one not only had the exact problems as the previous one but also had a new one of it’s own; the armrest was broken.

A year on, my siblings and I are forced to book MC simply because it’s the only company you can book up to a month before you hit the road. And being a festive season we had to or we’d risk paying more or worse miss out. Even though we’re traveling to Eldoret I have zero hopes in finding no fault with this bus. I had taken precautions… No windows. No backseats. But much to my chagrin, it wasted no time in proving me right that it is the worst bus company. We hadn’t even reached Voi but the driver packed it beside the road and they started checking the wheels. I didn’t even bother asking. And by the way we spent an hour or so at that place.

As we proceeded, I calmed. Si the devil had come and gone? Plus the journey was rather fair from Mtito Andei. But in Nairobi I realized that it was just the tip of the ice berg. As people alighted to help themselves I noticed three men in overalls, spanners and some tools my mechanical knowledge is yet to identify checking the wheels and all of a sudden they’d removed one at the front and another at the back…or probably more, i didn’t walk round the bus to ascertain because my curiosity wasn’t hungry for any info. So I get in not wanting to know what was happening and wait…the bus left three hours later!

At this juncture I don’t believe bad things happen to people because it’s their unlucky day. I also don’t believe there’s bad blood between me and modern. I just believe it’s a big company with the worst management. And even after all the curses I have made I can’t promise to stop using their services.

You’re now probably wondering what the hell is wrong with me. Sijarogwa btw, I have just learnt to never say never because as I do this post am in a Modern Coast bus heading to Migori. So yes, I hate it. I hate it more than i hate men who pee on themselves after drinking too much. It’s actually number 3 on my hate list! But there’s something called unavoidable circumstances, and sometimes you just can’t win.

Do you even know that their offices in Mombasa cannot accommodate 1/64th (if such a thing exists) of it’s travellers. You are forced to stand outside like lost sheep and to make matters worse a bus that is scheduled to arrive at 3pm arrives at 5pm (like this one am in) knowing very well how jam gets crazy on the Mikindani Mariakani road especially in the evenings.

I hate making the same mistake twice. So this time I booked a VIP which by the way am still having trouble differentiating from first class which pays 100/- less. The only thing I’ve been given is 500ml water. What is VIP’s treatment? I mean, you can take offence all you want, it’s barely two months since I traveled by Mash and guess what, as an economy passenger I was served water, soda and biscuits.

And just so you know I witnessed 3 different truck drivers exchanging words with our driver at some point. Was too itching to blog about their poor services that I didn’t catch what the quarrel was about. But judging from the way am being thrown left to right am guessing it has something to do with overlapping and over speeding.

You might want to visit mombasa411.wordpress.com for more insights and updates concerning MCBC discords.

As at the moment my fingers are crossed wishing for just two things; get home and get home safe. And by the way, apologies for breaking the challenge, it’s still on_this couldn’t wait.

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  1. When people come in to destroy,,, I can’t complain about what the family is doing coz maybe if I were in there position I’d have done the same. But how does it happen that they can’t manage the MCBC now that they’re 3,, lack of unity perhaps.

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